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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 15 Mar 2014

    Rebonding is a very harsh treatment for your hair, so you’ll have to put in some extra effort when it comes to hair care after you’ve undergone the procedure at the salon. Discover the best rebonded hair care tips, that will help you give it all the attention it needs to stay healthy.

    From the hair care rules you should follow right after getting your hair rebonded to long term care, here’s what you need to know about maintaining beautiful and healthy hair following rebonding.

    Be Extra Careful After the Procedure

    After you get your hair straightened through rebonding, the next three days are very important for the final outcome of the procedure. Follow the hair professional’s advice to the letter. Usually, you can’t wash for hair for at 3 days after rebonding and you can’t use any accessory that might shape it. You also have to be extra careful how you sleep, in order to keep your hair straight.

    Tags: hair rebonding after care, hair rebonding tips, hair care after rebonding, hair rebonding

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 27 Mar 2014

    Most hair dyes can damage your tresses, but bleaching is by far the harshest treatment for your hair. Once you go blonde through bleaching, your hair can quickly get dry and brittle. From protecting your hair to keeping it beautiful, discover the essentials of bleached blonde hair care.

    Since peroxide strips away natural oils and moisture from your hair, you’ll need to be extra careful about restoring that moisture and keeping your hair free of split ends. If you want your bleached blonde look to be stunning, here’s what you need to do for your hair.

    Minimize the Impact of Bleach

    Whether you’re getting light blonde highlights or going for a light base color, you need to be careful about bleaching your hair too often. Use it only on the roots once you feel like you need touch-ups, then follow the rules of bleached blonde hair care.

    Tags: taking care of bleached hair, bleached hair care, bleach blonde hair, blonde hair color

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 29 Mar 2014

    After dry shampoo, dry conditioner is quickly becoming a must-have time saver that helps you keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful and fresh. A good dry conditioner can help detangle and soften your tresses, adds shine and smooths frizzy ends, all without getting your hair wet.

    If your hair doesn’t look the same the next day after a blow out, extended the life of your look with dry conditioner. Whether you want to skip the shampooing and go straight to the blow dry or you want to keep your hair looking great with just a bit of brushing or finger styling, see the top choices for best dry conditioner.

    How to Use Dry Conditioner

    A great product you can use with or without dry shampoo, dry conditioner comes in a spray can and you only need a little to revitalize your beautiful hair after a blow out. Simply spray through your hair, without focusing on the roots. Apply it mid-shaft towards the ends, then brush, scrunch, style with your fingers or blow dry to get back the gorgeous look you deserve. 

    Tags: dry conditioner spray, dry conditioner benefits, dry hair conditioners, hair conditioners

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 31 Mar 2014

    While the most common hair color transition in Hollywood is brunette to blonde, some of the biggest celebrities hide their natural hair color and go either for brunette shades or for gorgeous reds. Find out which actresses and singers have left behind their blonde days to go darker.

    From light blondes to strawberry blondes, some never went back to their natural tresses, while other blonde celebrities who hide their natural hair color rock the lighter look from time to time.

    Angelina Jolie

    Hiding her dirty blonde hair is a long term plan for Angelina Jolie, who simply looks better as a brunette.

    Tags: natural blonde celebrities, celebrity brunettes who are blonde, celebrity redheads who are blonde, celebrity hair color

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 08 Apr 2014

    The 2014 Country Music Awards honored country music's finest talents. Besides the amazing performances of the night, the fashion and beauty choices made by some of the moment's most beloved singers also proved to be quite memorable. The 2014 ACM hair and makeup looks were glamorous and modern, being perfectly adapted to meet each star's style needs. Here are some of the most head-turning ACM 2014 Awards hairstyles and makeup looks:

    Miranda Lambert was one of the big winners of the night. She managed to impress with both her talent and her style choices. Proud to have met her goal to get a slimmer silhouette, the star celebrated wearing a sparkly gown that showed off her curves. Subtle waves and a fab smokey eye makeup completed her look.

    Taylor Swift manages to become the center of attention at every single event that she attends and the American Country Music Awards 2014 edition was no exception. The 24 year old entertainer chose to rock chic tousled waves. Makeup-wise, a dash of bold blue eyeliner and red lips proved to be the right ingredients for a memorable look.

    Miranda Lambert Acm Awards 2014 Hair And MakeupTaylor Swift Acm Awards 2014 Hair And Makeup

    Tags: celebrity hairstyles 2014, ACM Awards Hairstyles, ACM Awards Makeup, red carpet hairstyles, Country Music Awards

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 07 Apr 2014

    While celebrity hairstyles get as much coverage in magazines as the fashion, some celebrities choose a daring look by completely shaving their head. Whether it’s for a part, for charity or for other reasons, these female celebrities who shaved their heads and still looked gorgeous.

    See how these actresses, singers and models pulled off a look with little or not hair and find out more about the reasons behind their decision to lose the locks for a buzz cut.

    Karen Gillan

    The 26-year old British actress shaved her beautiful red hair for a part in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Even though she actually knew that a buzz cut came with the part, she didn’t feel confident she’d join the Marvel movie. 

    Tags: celebrities with shaved heads, female celebrities shaved head, celebrities buzz cut, shaves heads women

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Newest Hairstyle Trends
    Published On 11 Apr 2014

    The arrival of the new season is the perfect time to make a few changes for a cool look, whether you're thinking about getting shorter tresses or looking for easy ways to style your long locks, there are many easy spring hairstyles worth trying. Here are a couple of them:

    Spring Hairstyles 2014: Chic mermaid waves & Low ponytails

    The runways were filled with easy spring hairstyles worth trying from chic sleek loose hairstyles to lovely braided hairstyles and chic textured updos. Mermaid waves however, proved a very popular choice for a good reason: they have a lovely feminine yet effortless allure.

    Tags: Spring Hairstyles, hairstyle ideas, summer hairstyles, hair styling advice, hairstyles

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Hair Tutorials
    Published On 12 Apr 2014

    Learn how to do this elegant wrap-around braid updo that you can wear for any occasion!

    Start by sectioning off the top third of your hair and clip it up. Pull the rest in a low ponytail positioned slightly to the side.

    Slip the ponytail through a donut or rolled up sock. Spread hair evenly around the donut and secure with elastic and bobby pins.

    In case your hair is long, braid the remaining hair with the three-strand technique and wrap around the base of the bun.

    Go back to the top section, brush it out and start a braid on the side of the head close to the hair line. Divide hair intro three equal sections and bring the left strand, than the right down the center.

    Tags: braided updo tutorial, elegant updo hairstyles, updo tutorials, braid tutorials

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 14 Apr 2014

    The MTV Movie Awards 2014 edition might have brought many youthful and eclectic red carpet looks, however, when it came to the MTV Movie Awards 2014 beauty choices, things were much simpler. Most celebs opted for effortlessly chic looks with a distinct modern, youthful allure. Despite the relative simplicity of the looks, the 2014 MTV Movie Awards hairstyles and makeup choices still proved quite inspirational, featuring many interesting elements. Here are some of the stars that managed to steal the spotlight:

    Mom to be Mila Kunis, who won the 'Best Villain' award, looked positively glowing on the red carpet. She opted for a classy look for the event, glossy soft waves and a gray smokey eye makeup look. Jessica Alba was another star that managed to impress with her polished yet seemingly effortless look. The star opted for perfectly styled loose waves and a subtle makeup look. Channeling old Hollywood glamour, Rita Ora managed to steal the spotlight with her chic sculpted waves, ultra seductive red lips and smokey eyes. The star added an edgy twist to her look with the help of a black weaved ear cuff.

    Mila Kunis Mtv Movie Awards 2014 HairstyleJessica Alba Mtv Movie Awards 2014 Hairstyle
    Rita Ora Mtv Movie Awards 2014 HairstyleNicki Minaj Mtv Movie Awards 2014 Hairstyle<

    Nicki Minaj surprised the audience with her style choice which were much more understated than usual. Nicki Minaj's MTV Movie Awards 2014 beauty look consisted of soft waves which created a sophisticated mature allure and sexy cat eyes paired with nude lips. Ellie Goulding took a more relaxed approach to styling opting for textured tousled waves and a discreet makeup look. Another fan of a slightly disheveled look was model Chrissy Teigen, who opted for face framing waves and a simple but flawless makeup look.

    Ellie Goulding Mtv Movie Awards 2014 HairstyleChrissy Teigen Mtv Movie Awards 2014 Hairstyle

    Rihanna's MTV Movie Awards beauty look was perfectly in line with her boudoir-themed attire. A messy updo, flawless looking skin and full, luscious lips seemed to carry many '90s influences. Oscar winning actress and It girl Lupita Nyong'o ensured all the cameras will be on her with a gorgeous colorful dress, a chic pompadour hairstyle, a dramatic smokey eye makeup look and glossy lips.

    Tags: mtv movie awards 2014, MTV Movie Awards, 2014 red carpet, red carpet hairstyles, 2014 hairstyles

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Newest Hairstyle Trends
    Published On 15 Apr 2014

    Before you make any big decisions that affect both the look and the health of your hair in the long run, trying temporary hair color products is always a good idea. Whether you want semi-permanent hair dye that lasts around month or something special for one evening, these are the products to try.

    Ammonia and peroxide free hair coloring products will keep your tresses looking beautiful and vibrant shades come on all textures. Choose from the best temporary hair color products and find the right fit for your style.

    L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

    Lasting up to 28 shampoos, L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss is ammonia-free and truly the perfect choice for shimmering tones and glossy look for your hair. Available in 38 shades, it’s a full hair beauty treatment and a great way to hide any stray gray hairs. If you’re looking for a semi-permanent natural hair color, it’s your best bet.

    Tags: easy temporary hair color, quick temporary hair color, temporary hair dye, hair chalking

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 17 Apr 2014

    Braided hairstyles are as popular as ever this summer, not only due to the fact that they are an ever-present alternative spotted on the runway, but also because they can be a practical choice for rising temperatures, being endlessly versatile. From sophisticated meticulously braided hairstyles to youthful and low maintenance rumpled braids, there are plenty of summer braided hairstyles worth trying. Here are a few ideas:

    Simple braided summer hair: Loose side swept braids

    When it comes to creating a seemingly effortlessly chic look, it's hard to beat the nonchalant allure of loose side swept braided hairstyles. Keeping things simple is best when you're short on time or want something that's uncomplicated yet has a sophisticated flair. 

    Tags: braided hairstyles, summer hairstyles, hairstyle ideas, braided hair, hairstyles to try

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Newest Hairstyle Trends
    Published On 25 Apr 2014

    The massive wave of celebs opting for bob haircuts is just one of the proofs that this style is in no danger of going out of style or losing popularity. 

    Flattering for most face shapes, easy to style and relatively low maintenance, bob hairstyles can be a great choice at any age, so it's no surprise more and more women are considering jumping on board with the trend or looking for ideas to put a fresh spin on their look. Thinking about opting for a new bob haircut or simply want to know a few styling tricks to update your look? If so, you might want to consider some of these cool ideas:

    Long bob haircuts

    Long bobs are among the best bob haircuts for round faces since they help balance the features by visually elongating the face. 

    Tags: 2014 haircuts, bob haircuts, bob hairstyles, haircut trends, medium haircuts

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Hair Tutorials
    Published On 25 Apr 2014

    Find out how to copy Kelly Osbourne's braided hairstyle with studded accents! Add cool rock chick spikes to your braids for the ultimate fashion statement!

    Start by parting hair down the middle and begin a Dutch braid on the side. Split hair into three equal sections, place the right-hand strand under the center one, then repeat the pattern on the left side, going under the center strand.

    Tags: Kelly Osbourne updo, braided updo tutorial, braided hairstyles, Dutch braid tutorial

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 28 Apr 2014

    Hair straighteners have come a long way in just a few years and the number of options available on the market has increased radically, making it difficult to select the best hair straightener for every need. While the prices of hair straighteners varies significantly depending on the features each one of the new options includes, there are good options out there for virtually every budget out there. Here are a few hair straighteners that have managed to impress many beauty enthusiasts:

    BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Straightener

    Loved by professional hair stylists and average women alike for its high quality, the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium won the title of best buy for hair straighteners in InStyle magazine for 2 years in a row. 

    Tags: hair straighteners, best Hair Straighteners, straight hair tips, hair products

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 29 Apr 2014

    Celebrity hairstyles are always a great source of inspiration, whether they are a reflection of current style trends or simply new takes on classic looks that instantly fascinate. So far, 2014 has brought interesting hairstyle ideas from celebrities of all ages. Here are a few of the celebrity hairstyles that have managed to fascinate so far:

    Celebrity updos

    The award season brought a myriad of fascinating looks, especially when it came to updos. Some of the best celebrity updos were spotted at the Golden Globes 2014 edition. Award winning star Amy Adams impressed with both her impeccable style choice and her gorgeous plaited updo, a sophisticated hairstyle that put the spotlight on her best features.

    Amy Adams UpdoAmy Adams Braided Updo
    Mila Kunis Ballerina BunEmma Watson Low Bun

    Tags: celebrity hairstyles 2014, best celebrity hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles, 2014 hairstyles, hairstyle ideas

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 06 May 2014

    The 2014 Costume Institute’s Gala titled “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” oozed glamour and sophistication when it came to fashion and hairstyles. The 2014 Met Gala celebrity hairstyles worth checking out were uber-diverse and that only translates into more inspiration for us fashion enthusiasts.

    These types of red carpet events attract a generous amount of attention and thus celebs strive to attain the best look possible, so no wonder that numerous celebrities made the 2014 Met Gala best dressed list. That being said, their hairstyle choices were not to overlook by any means! So, if you're looking for some hair inspiration take your style cue from any of the following celebrity hairstyles from this year's Met Gala:

    2014 Met Gala Hair: Celebrity Updos

    Tags: Met Gala 2014, met gala hairstyles, celebrity updos 2014, long hairstyles 2014

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 09 May 2014

    Hair bows are one of those hairstyles for long hair that tend to be quite polarizing: women either love the idea of sporting the look or they simply don't see themselves choosing the hair bow look. While the idea of a hair bow like the one Lady Gaga sported a while back can indeed be intimating for many women, when styled right, the hair bow can serve as a gorgeous accessory for women of different ages. There are some interesting variations that are cute without being over the top and a bow half updo hairstyle is one of the best examples.

    Styling a bow half updo can also be intimidating at a first glance. However, hair bows are not necessarily something that have to be left in the hands of the pros. In fact, creating a bow half updo hairstyle is quite simple and it doesn't even require any hair styling products. Here's how to style this chic half updo:

    Before starting, make sure to have a hair elastic, a hair barrette and six bobby pins within close reach.

    Styling Hair Bow

    Tags: half updo hairstyles, Bow hairstyles, updo hairstyles, hair styling

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 09 May 2014

    Whether you plan on wearing your hair straight or embrace its natural texture, high humidity can wreak havoc quickly. Find out how to fight the frizz and keep your tresses looking great despite the weather with the best hair styling tips for humid days.

    From preparing your hair for the blow dry to making sure there are no flyaways, find out how to make sure your hair sticks to your wishes even on days with very high humidity. Here are the steps to styling your hair for the best results.

    Always Use Conditioner

    It’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo when humid days are coming, but the conditioner is a must! Use a good moisturizing formula that will also have an impact on the way your hair deals with frizz. 

    Tags: hair styling humidity, hair tips for humid days, hairstyles for humidity

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 30 Apr 2014

    Because weaves are considered less damaging to your hair than constant chemical treatments, celebrities often hide their real hair under complex weaves, unafraid of the side effects. While some still keep their natural hair beautiful and healthy, other celebs suffer from wearing weaves for too long.

    See a few of the biggest celebrities without weaves and decide if they’re just as fabulous with their natural tresses without the aid of a single hair extension.


    After wearing weaves for most of her career, Beyoncé showed off a cute pixie cut on Instagram. Her bleached blonde pixie is just as cute on Queen Bey as the long and flowing locks she sports in most of her videos an on stage in her concerts. 

    Tags: celebrities without weaves, celebrities who wear weaves, celebrities weave extensions, celebrities weave hair

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    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 16 May 2014

    Many celebrities, mostly singers, but also models, actresses and TV personalities, want to make a strong statement with their hair and pink is just the color for a stylish but bold look. Discover which celebrities with pink hair rocked the look with the best results.

    From Nicki Minaj’s wigs to Ellie Goulding’s pastel locks, check out the right ways to wear pink in your hair, thanks to these celebrities, who really knew how to make it work in a flattering and trendy way.


    Tags: pink hair color, celebrities with pink hair, pink hairstyles, rihanna pink hair

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