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  • 05/15/13--04:09: Best Haircuts for Wavy Hair
  • Who doesn’t envy those tousled, perfectly cut wavy hairstyles that fashionable celebrities wear down the red carpet? Got some loosely bouncy locks? Give your flat iron some rest and embrace the gorgeous texture that your naturally wavy hair has to offer. With the properhaircut for wavy hair and with the help of styling products, you’ll be ready to enhance and define your wavy shape for ultra-manageability. Wear it up or wear it wild, the choice is yours!

    Best Haircuts for Wavy Hair

    Haircuts for wavy hair and - above all - for thick wavy hair can become a real styling challenge for most women. If your hair’s texture is naturally wavy, probably your worst fear when it comes to haircuts for thick wavy hair is how not to end up with a face that looks too round.

    Adding layers to your haircuts for wavy hair can be tricky and should best be done by an expert: they will know how to best cut your layers, moving towards the interior of your hair so that it frames your face beautifully, making it easy for you to style your naturally wavy hair at home.

    Long Haircut For Wavy HairLayered Haircut For Wavy Hair

    Celebrity hair professionals also recommend always using scissors, letting razors add the finishing touch of smoothness and perfect definition. Achieving those super-styled waves you see in magazines doesn’t have to be hard. It all comes down to your choosing the best haircuts for wavy hair. 

    Short Haircut For Wavy HairShort Layered Haircut For Wavy Hair

    Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair

    Short haircuts for wavy hair - whether they are chin-length or a tiny bit longer - are the sexiest, most flirtatious summer hairstyles. Adding long bangs to short haircuts for wavy hair will give it an edgier feel: just make sure it compliments your face shape. You can also keep your hair longer in the front, while texturizing the ends to add softness. Go for a side part and apply Amika’s curl defining cream to your damp hair before you start styling.

    Medium Layered Haircut For Wavy HairMedium Haircut For Wavy Hair

    Medium Length Haircuts for Wavy Hair

    The best medium length haircuts for wavy hair are the layered bob hairstyles. It is a great look for most face shapes. Once it’s textured and layered, you can effortlessly style it. Use hair products to rearrange your tresses around or off your face, if you prefer it.

    Think celebs like 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord or Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks with their sleek, flattering medium length haircuts for wavy hair as your inspiration. Avoid blunt bangs with the length of these retro haircuts for wavy hair length, and opt for a cute side part instead.

    Layered Haircut With Bangs For Wavy HairLong Layered Haircut For Wavy Hair

    Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair

    Women who are looking for gorgeous-looking haircuts for long hair should consider adding layers with angled or side-sweeping bangs. Layers on beautiful, long, wavy hair allow a flattering, sexy movement of your tresses. Haircuts for long wavy hair are incredibly glamorous and make for the perfect finish to a sophisticated evening look.

    Hair and photos via Jean Louis David

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  • 05/15/13--05:36: Shag Hairstyles for Men
  • Theshag haircut men wear today is an ever updated style, and works on short as well as on medium length, in choppy layers or tousled. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Nicolaj Coster-Waldau have been spotted wearing different versions of men’s shag haircuts.

    The great news is that any guy can give shag haircuts for men a try. For curly hair, go for the shag Kit Harington has been wearing, while men with straight hair can easily pull off Brad Pitt or Jesse Spencer's textured shags.

    Men’s shag hairstyles work great on almost every texture, hair density and length, effortlessly becoming a part of your lifestyle: with a more conventional apparel at the office, out with friends at the weekend or on a night out with your buddies.

    Mens Curly Shag HairstyleMens Straight Shag Hairstyle

    The Updated Men's Shag Hairstyles

    Shag hairstyles for men are easily achievable haircuts: all you need to do is ask your stylist to go for a layered cut with shorter or heavier bangs, depending on whether your hair is straight or wavy, thin or thick. Consider shag haircuts for men styling options before making a definitive choice. The latest trend among fashionable guys is side parting. Make it as messy as you like to define your shag hairstyles for men.

    Mens Shag Haircut With LayersMens Short Shag Hairstyle

    If you’re pondering over getting this look or not, consider that men's shag hairstyles stand for spirit, openness, and youthful nonchalance. The shag hairstyles men wear nowadays even look good as a transition period to another hairstyle. Men simply love their no-fuss shag hairstyles.

    Johnny Depp Shag HairstyleNikolaj Coster Waldau Shag Hairstyle

    Men's Shag Hairstyles: Styling Tips

    After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, work Marlies Moller styling gel through your hair and blow-dry it, running your fingers through your hair to define your layered look of shag hairstyle for men. Still using your fingers, shape your mane in any directions you like it, then allow the hair to air-dry completely.

    Kit Harington Curly Shag HairstyleJesse Spencer Medium Shag Haircut

    If you have thin-textured hair, you might consider applying somevolumizing mousse from Tresemme through your damp hair. When you blow-dry, comb your hair upwards to give it extra volume. Take someBilly Jealousy pomade between your fingers and run them through the dry hair again. This will provide additional structure to your shag hairstyles for men.

    Perfecting Men's Shag Hairstyles

    Modern, style-conscious men know that pomade and mousse don’t always do the trick in defining and structuring shag hairstyles for men. A few naturally nuanced streaks might be a solution to add depth to your shag hairstyles for men. Those of you considering the shag haircut for men should ask for something that matches their age and personality.

    Brad Pitt Shag HaircutBrad Pitt Shag Hairstyle

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  • 05/16/13--06:13: Bob Haircuts with Bangs
  • Bob haircuts with bangs are no longer classic medium styles - hairstyle trends have changed a great deal. Short or medium length, layered or inverted, with blunt or wispy bangs: the variety of bob haircuts with bangs can be adapted to hair textures and face shapes, exuding femininity and personal charm.

    If you love going from long hair to short bob haircuts with bangs then you need to know that there are countless modern, edgy possibilities to change it up and get some variety. 

    From clean, sleek inverted bob haircuts with bangs to full, glamorous layered styles, there's a stylish bob haircut with bangs for every face shape and hair type. Have yours looking perfect and add some swing with lots of beautiful volume by using a few expert styling tips. Put a modern spin on the season's hottest bobs with a fresh, flirty finish!

    Bob Hairstyle With BangsBob Haircut With Side Bangs

    Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

    A gorgeous bob haircut with angled side bangs, falling right past your chic is an edgy take on a classic cut. To style this bob haircut with bangs you’ll need to apply Smooth Firewall Argan iron spray by AG Hair Cosmetics for protection. Take a flat iron to straighten your locks, if necessary apply anti-frizz product. 

    Wavy Bob Haircut With BangsBlonde Bob Haircut With Bangs

    For you side bangs you’ll need a big round brush and some styling spray, like the Nick Chavez Amazon body spray. Blow-dry your bangs to the side. If your hair is thin and lacks volume, you can use a 1 inch curling iron to style it up a bit. Wavy bob haircuts with bangs are great for every face shape.

    Short Bob Haircut With Side BangsShort Bob Haircut With Bangs

    Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

    Short hair is fun and in vogue, and contrary to what you might believe there are countless ways to style it. Short bob haircuts with bangs can be worn straight or with a few curly strands, with side parted bangs or almost covering your eyes. You can straighten your hair or make it look messy, or even twist and pin some strands onto the sides for a flirty look!

    Long Bob Haircut With BangsLayered Bob Haircut With Bangs

    Layered Bob Haircuts with Bangs

    Layered bob haircuts with long, blunt bangs have been among the most popular celebrity hairstyles in recent years. They create a polished look that effortlessly compliments an evening outfit. Layered bob haircuts with bangs can be easily styled when you’re in a rush to get to the office, or with extra care and product for something a bit more sophisticated. You can add your layered bob hairstyle a vintage vibe by curling each strand with a curling iron, keeping them away from your face and paying extra attention to your bangs.

    Bob Haircut With Long BangsShaggy Bob Haircut With Bangs

    Inverted Bob Haircut with Bangs

    The length of the inverted bob haircut with bangs varies according to your preferences. If you want something spiky that doesn’t need a lot of attention - but looks stunning nonetheless - then you should go for a short inverted bob haircut with bangs. But if you’re not ready to give up your lovely tresses, then a just-above-the-collarbone inverted bob haircut looks just as amazing. You will have to keep your flat iron close at all times!

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    Photos: © Jean Claude Aubry, VOG Coiffure, AvedaJacques Dessange

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    Sun and salt water can bleach any hair color, but when you don't have a month to spend at the beach, you can try different solutions to get the beach blonde hair.

    While they also give you the sun-kissed hair you want, UV rays and sea salt can also affect the health of your hair, so trying beach blonde highlights is a better way to get the look without the damage to your hair.

    Beach Blonde Highlights

    Hair colorists have different techniques to create the perfect beach blonde hair look. Some use foil highlights while others prefer the balayage hair coloring technique, which gives you a more natural look. Find out what type of highlights to ask for or to create yourself, based on your base color and on how light you're willing to go.

    Beach Blonde Hair Coloring

    Going Beach Blonde Hair Based on Natural Color

    Bleaching can mimic the sun-kissed look even for brunettes, offering a beach look easy to get with a simple home application kit. While brunettes are restricted to bleaching by two or three shades, if you have medium or light brown hair, you can go for more lighter shades. Creating the natural look can include strands of hair up to eight shades lighter.

    Getting the beach blonde look is really easy for blondes, that can choose from a variety of streaking kits and apply blonde highlights in the places the sun hits the hair, around the face and around the crown.

    For naturally light blondes, or women who've already bleached their hair to go blonde, the solution to beach blonde hair is sun-in spray, that usually gets the hair ¼ lighter with each application.

    Blonde Hair Color Chart

    Simple Solutions for Beach Blonde Hair

    Natural ways to lighten hair and get the beach look include simple remedies, from herbal tea to lemon juice. Either buy a shampoo with chamomille or make a cup of chamomile tea and slowly rinse it through your hair before taking a shower. Let the tea sit for up to 15 minutes and repeat to maximize the effects.

    Another simple way to avoid using bleach is to mix 3 parts fresh lemon juice with 1 part vodka. While chamomile tea can be applied to your entire hair, this natural solution for beach blonde hair color should be contained to specific strands. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes without the liquid spreading to other strands, then rinse your hair.

    Whether you opt for beach blonde highlights or a more natural solution, make sure you condition your hair thoroughly to protect it from any damage for the perfect sun-kissed look.

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  • 05/16/13--12:25: How to Thicken Fine Hair
  • Fine hair that lacks volume and looks limp is not a good look. It's usually genetically predetermined, but you can try a few ways to make your hair get the extra thickness and volume.

    Diet supplements like liquid lecithin and protein-based combinations for your hair work differently on each person with fine hair, but the fundamentals of caring for fine hair are the same.

    How to Thicken Fine Hair: Cutting and Styling

    Getting the right hairstyle for fine hair can thicken it indirectly, by giving it volume and a neater appearance. Try to avoid layers and choose a haircut with the same length done by a professional with fine hair experience and keep your ends trimmed every six weeks.

    You should only use products specifically formulated for fine hair, thickening products that have the best effects for your hair type. Always blow-dry fine hair while you bend over with a low heat setting. Drying it from the underside also allows you to use your fingers to give it more texture as it dries.

    How To Thicken Fine Hair

    Besides using the right thickening products, sleeping on a silk pillowcase and regularly massaging your scalp can prevent breakage and slow growth. Neither will thicken fine hair, but they help with maintaining your hair looking good.

    How to Thicken Fine Hair: Nourishing

    You can try different hair treatments for fine hair, but you should also know what the most and least effective natural options are. Use a nourishing and volumizing treatment 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 ounce of water. Coat your entire hair with the mixture and let it sit for 30 minutes before shampooing.

    Don't use oat flour treatments for fine hair. While it's packed with protein, it doesn't penetrate through the outer layers of the hair strands, making it a waste of time.

    Best Hair Thickening Products

    If you have a favorite brand of cosmetics, try their line of products for fine hair first. Not pleased? The best thickening products are shampoo and conditioner that work together. Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Collection gets many great reviews, along withBumble and bumble thickening shampoo and cconditioner, which make hair more manageable.

    Thickening Hair Products For Fine Hair

    Nexxus Diametress Thickening Shampoo and Sublime Volume conditioner seems to actually increase the diameter of the hair the most, adding volume and making hair softer and more manageable.

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    From natural tresses to chic ponytails, the celebrity hairstyles spotted at Billboard Music Awards 2013 held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday in Las Vegas looked awesome. Well, most celebrities chose to let their hair down and just a few went with something different. However, all of them were aware that picking the right 'do is as important as choosing the perfect 2013 Billboard Awards outfits.

    2013 Billboards Hairstyles: Long and Sexy

    We absolutely love loose, soft and feminine looks! Celebrities at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards proved that simplicity can ooze sophistication. 

    Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsChloe Moretz Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

    While Chloe Moretz and Jennifer Lopez sported sleek long hairstyles, Jennifer Morrison unleashed her sexy beach waves. Even though the 34-year-old 'Once Upon a Time' actress drew everyone's attention with her hot sheer dress, her locks that looked like they've been naturally sun kissed were also some of the most-talked-about styles on the red carpet. 

    Jennifer Morrison Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsCarly Rae Jepsen Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

    Carly Rae Jepsen has gone for something more chic. The 27-year-old songstress, who won the award for Top Digital Song Artist, opted for some carefree yet glam waves.

    Ariana Grande Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsHayden Panettiere Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

    2013 Billboard Awards Hair: Half Up Styles

    How pretty is Ariana Grande's look? We totally heart the half up worked by the 19-year-old actress and singer who matched her cute half up half down hairstyle with a simple makeup. Hayden Panettiere was another young celebrity to sport a lovely 'do turn head. The 23-year-old 'Nashville' actress looked great with hair slicked on one side and spiced up by some eye-catching sparkles.

    Emmy Rossum Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsKimberly Perry Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

    Billboard Awards 2013: Updos

    Emmy Rossum wore a chic and classy updo proving once again that this is one of those styles that never goes out of fashion. The 26-year-old actress, who also hit the stage on Sunday night and presented an award, chose a stylish, sophisticated and ladylike version of this elegant hairstyle. Another celebrity that opted for an updo was Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry, who also performed with her siblings, Reid and Neil during the show. Still, the blonde beauty gave her hair a slightly carefree finish.

    Kesha Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsKelly Rowland Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

    2013 Billboard Hairstyles: Ponytails

    The timeless ponytail gives you the freedom to play around with your styling and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Yes, the classic pony can be worn in so many different ways and it still looks jaw-dropping. Well, no wonder this versatile 'do is one of divas' favorite styles! From a relaxed, toned down version to a sleek and elegant one, Kelly Rowland, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were seen wearing a ponytail at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

    Selena Gomez Hairstyle 2013 Billboard AwardsTaylor Swift Hairstyle 2013 Billboard Awards

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  • 05/23/13--02:44: Undercut Hairstyles for Men
  • Men's undercut hair is making a comeback thanks to the retro vibe of TV shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Undercut hairstyles for men, whether inspired by the 1920s or 1960s, have been sported on many celebs and they can be the right choice for any sophisticated man.

    When choosing the right undercut hairstyle, men should take into account their hair type as long as the maintenance requirements of such haircuts.

    Before you ask your barber or stylist for one of the many undercut hairstyles for men, you need to consider how far up the short sides and back will be and how long the hair will be at the top. The shape of your face and head should come into consideration when choosing a specific type of men's undercut hairstyles.

    Slick Back Undercut Hairstyles for Men

    David Beckham Undercut HairstyleZachary Quinto Undercut Hairstyle

    Thanks to celebrities like David Beckham, the hottest look when sporting the undercut hairstyles for men is the slicked back look, but that's not the only choice. Longer on the sides than the edgy undershave, undercut hairstyles for men look best with longer or angular faces, but come in a variety of styles suited to many face shapes and hair types.

    For the shorter sides and back you can opt for having your hair cut with scissors over comb or with clippers. The second option works best with number 2 or 3 clippers that give you a sharp look. You can also blend different lengths to get the most flattering style. For a thinner temple, you can go extra short with number 1 clippers, then ask your stylist to blend into 2 and 3 on the sides and on the back.

    Undercut Hair For Men Side ViewUndercut Hair For Men

    When getting the undercut hairstyle, men should remember that the longer on top, the better. The extra length will give you plenty of style options, including the popular slicked back look.

    For the finishing touches, make sure the outline is sharp both on the sides and the back of the head, blending between the top and sides isn't the trendy look you're going for.

    Short Undercut Hair For Men Side ViewUndercut For Men With Long Top

    How to Style Undercut Hairstyle for Men

    Straight hair is the best option for undercut hairstyles for men, but sporting a wavy or curly mane is also a great fashion statement for men with a more daring style.

    Undercut Hairstyle For MenCurly Undercut Hair For Men

    Men's undercut hairstyles need a bit more maintenance than most haircuts and the product of choice is a lightweight hair gel for the slick look. You can style your new undercut hairstyle with your favorite brand of gel, or try new options like the Bed Head Power Play gel or the Crew firm hold styling gel for men.

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    Photos via Rainbow Room International

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    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the shiniest locks of them all? A recent survey made by Kérastase on 2,000 women revealed that Kate Middleton has the most beautiful and healthiest hair. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge has been named Britain's hair icon! So, the gorgeous mom-to-be draws attention not just due to her impeccable maternity outfits but also with her hair that has enviable bounce and body. Cheryl Cole came second and Holly Willoughby, third.

    The poll also unveiled 70 per cent of women want more voluminous tresses, and when asked what one thing they would change if they could, 40 per cent said they would like thicker, fuller-looking hair.

    Kérastase Ambassador Luke Hersheson said that, “Most women will be able to relate to these findings. As we enter our late teens and twenties, most women have yet to find their signature style. They are happy to try different colors, experiment with different lengths and use various tools like tongs, rollers and hair straighteners to achieve a certain look.”

    Kate Middleton Half Up HairstyleKate Middleton Loose End Curls

    According to the same survey, the '80s was the worst decade for hair while many women admitted to trying the famous Rachel cut in the '90s.

    “Certain hairstyles come and go in fashion like any other trend and it’s only natural that women try and replicate the latest look. Having said that, constantly changing styles and hair color can take its toll, and as we age our hair density and condition can be affected,” Hersheson explained.

    Moreover, the Kérastase survey revealed that women feel their hair is its most beautiful at the age of 29. One in ten women said they regretted three of the styles they have sported in their lives.

    Kate Middleton Natural Hair TextureKate Middleton Bouncy Curls Hairstyle

    “As women move in to their thirties and beyond they tend to invest more in their hair and look after it using the right treatments. Most of them reach the age where they want their hair to look healthy, full of body and thicker, rather than opting for the trendiest hair which has come straight off the catwalk, ” Kérastase Ambassador Luke Hersheson said.

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    Get inspired from the best updo hairstyles for weddings with sophisticated looks from the red carpet. Check out the most refined and feminine updo hairstyles for weddings that can provide you with the perfect style on the big day.

    From sleek, twisted high buns, to feminine off center chignons, celebrity updos are a beautiful source of inspiration for all brides-to-be.

    Updo Hairstyles for Weddings: Off-Center Chignon

    Get the dreamy look for your wedding with an off-center chignon, like the one sported by Charlize Theron at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.
    With a beautiful Cartier headband, the actress rocked one of the best updo hairstyles for weddings. Find the right accessory and style your hair in this romantic wavy updo.

    Charlize Theron Side Chignon UpdoCharlize Theron Side Chignon Side View

    Bridal Updo Hairstyles: Sleek Bun

    International model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore a perfect sleek bun for the Metropolitan Gala in 2012 with just enough volume and height for a glamorous wedding day. While the look is sleek, the bun can have added texture and can be the perfect accessory to your beautiful veil on your wedding day.

    Rosie Huntington White High UpdoRosie Huntington White Updo Back View

    Best Bridal Updos: Beehive Updo

    The retro look is back and few hairstyles are as sexy and sophisticated as the beehive updo, worn by Eva Longoria at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. With extra volume on the crown and a delicate side swept fringe, this loose wedding updo can make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on your big day.

    Eva Longoria Teased Updo Side ViewEva Longoria Teased Updo

    Updo Hairstyles for Weddings: Braided Chignon

    Create a special look by combining different textures in a romantic updo. Start a few braids at the crown and mix them into a gorgeous plaited chignon that's both flattering and exquisite. Whether you opt to sport full bangs or a more side-swept look on your big day, wedding braided updos are always a winner.

    Lea Michele Braided Chignon UpdoLea Michele Braided Chignon Updo Side View

    Bridal Updo Hairstyles: Teased Bouffant

    Accessorize a teased bouffant like the one worn by Freida Pinto with a simple headband for your perfect wedding day updo. Don't choose a band that's too ornate since a simple one balances this retro look in the best way for a stylish wedding updo. Make sure to tease your roots well before pinning your hair and don't push the headband too low or you'll love volume.

    Feida Pinto Beehive Updo Side ViewFreida Pinto Beehive Updo With Headband

    Best Bridal Updos: Swirling Low Chignon

    Sleek and stylish, the swirling low chignon combines two textures to create a sophisticated look. While the hair in the frown and shinny and frizz free, the swirling bun in the back creates a beautiful contrast. With retro influences, the swirling chignon is an excellent choice out of the many elegant updo hairstyles for weddings.

    Emma Stone Low Chignon Updo Back ViewEmma Stone Low Chignon Updo

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  • 05/26/13--03:09: Best Sun Care Hair Products
  • Protecting your hair during the summer is just as important as using the right products for your skin. Find out what sun hair care products do the best job, both at protecting your locks and helping you restore the shine of your sun damaged hair.

    Acca Kappa Sun Hair Care Shampoo 6

    Considered by some the best shampoo for summer, the Acca Kappa Sun Hair Care is an after-sun shampoo, perfect for cleansing hair after it's been exposed to the sun, but also to chlorinated or salty water. It's also a great sun hair protector, which reduces drying.

    Redken Color Extend After Sun Shampoo (For Sun-Exposed Hair)

    When you realized you need sun care hair products a bit too late, the Redken shampoo is the perfect choice for sun-damaged hair. Shielding hair against environmental aggressors, it also eliminates minerals and conditions your hair the right way.

    Acca Kappa Sun Hair Care Shampoo 6Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair Mask

    Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Mask

    After-sun hair products can truly make a difference and the Aveda hair mask uses shea butter along with coconut, palm and Tamanu oils to restore weakened hair. Scented with organic essences, it also contains vitamin E, which fights against free radical damage.

    Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Sun Bandana Invisible Protect/ Condition

    Avoid sun damage altogether with one of the best summer hair protection products: Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Sun Bandana. It can shield your hair from UV rays when it's both wet and dry and its lightweight crème-gel formula keeps your hair looking and feeling great.

    Redken Color Extend After Sun ShampooOuidad Sun Shield Sun   Sport Leave In Spray

    Ouidad Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray

    Sun care hair products also include a variety of leave-in sprays and the Ouidad Sun Shield is a renowned sun hair protector. With special proteins and amino-acids, it protects your hair from sun damage, along with salt, chlorine and even wind.

    J. F. Lazartigue Sun Protection Oil

    Stop worrying about sun hair care with this excellent non-greasy water-proof oil. With UVA and UVB filters, it shields your hair from the sun while also nourishing it with vitamin E, macadamia oil and raspberry seed oil.

    Rene Furterer Masque Reparateur Repairing After Sun Mask

    Rene Furterer Masque Reparateur Repairing After Sun Mask (For Hair Damaged by Sun Salt and Chlorine)

    After sun hair products don't get much better than this nourishing hair mark. Using palm butter, this sun hair care miracle product hydrates and repairs damaged hair, for softer and shinier locks.

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    Going blonde the right way can be a little bit more difficult than choosing the right shade for your hair if is naturally lite. Check out different types of blonde hair colors and decide which one is the best for your depending on how light you want to go.

    Platinum Blonde Hair

    The palest shade of blonde, with no hints of other colors, platinum blonde hair is one of the more hard to achieve types of blonde hair color. Since it involves a lot of bleaching, it can be very damaging to your hair in the long run.

    Light Blonde Hair

    Also called flaxen, most light blonde hair shades avoid the white tint of the platinum blonde, but they're still very light. Just like platinum, it works best on natural blondes with fair a complexion.

    Platinum Blonde Hair ColorLight Blonde Hair Color

    Golden Blonde Hair

    Easier to achieve than the lighter shades of blonde, golden blonde is also a more natural look for women who dye their hair from darker shades. It's also used for highlights on darker hair with great effects.

    Strawberry Blonde Hair

    With a touch of red tint, strawberry blonde hair is perfect for skin tones that are on the pink side and it's a good look for a lot of women looking for different types of blonde hair color.

    Golden Blonde Hair ColorGold Blonde Hair Color

    Dirty Blonde Hair

    Mixing light blonde with ash blonde, the dirty blonde hair color is more natural and can sometimes look like it's been enhances with highlights, especially in the summer.

    Ash Blonde Hair

    With a grey or brown tint, ash or sandy blonde hair can look the most natural on darker skin tones and it's fairly easy to get with limited bleaching.

    Ombre Blonde Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

    Getting the Right Blonde Hair for You

    Light skin tones are complemented best by light, golden or strawberry blonde hair colors, while platinum and ash don't always look flattering.

    Medium skin tones can work with all blonde hair colors depending on the warm or cool undertones of your skin, but ashy blondes aren't always the right choice.

    Darker skin tones need to stick to the darker shades of blonde or simply try caramel or golden highlights, for a natural sun-kissed blonde hair color.

    Different Types of Blonde Hair Colors

    If you're over the basics and want a color that's gorgeous but still looks natural, you can try the ombre highlights or balayage highlights, that blend different shades into your natural look.

    Using highlights and lowlights, ombre and balayage can get you a hot look sported by celebrities like Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore.

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  • 06/04/13--03:38: CFDA Awards 2013 Hairstyles
  • The CFDA Awards 2013 edition brought the crème de la crème of the fashion world into the spotlight and, consequently, plenty of inspirational fashion and beauty choices. Models, actresses and designers put their skills to work and dazzled everyone in classy ensembles and simple and flattering beauty looks. Simple and modern hairstyles dominated at the event and the same was true for the makeup department. Selecting the best CFDA Awards celebrity hairstyles proves a difficult challenge, yet these stars managed to draw all the attention on them as soon as they walked down the red carpet:

    CFDA Awards 2013: Wavy Hairstyles

    Lily Aldridge walked down the runway sporting polished beach waves and a fab center part, a simple look that suited her perfectly. Sofia Vergara dazzled in green rocking a fabulous plunging neckline bodycon dress and gorgeous voluminous waves for a classy and ultra seductive overall look. A similarly interesting presence on the red carpet was Kate Mara, whose perfectly defined luscious waves left everyone in awe. A riskier approach was spotted at Jessica Stam who rocked an edgy yet glamorous pompadour hairstyle. Her gorgeous waves added a feminine vibe to the punk-inspired look.

    Lily Aldridge Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleKate Mara Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle
    Sofia Vergara Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleJessica Stam Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle

    CFDA Awards 2013 Hairstyles: Chignons

    Nothing says classy and refined better than a fab chignon style, so no wonder fabulous interpretations of the style proved an extremely popular choice among the CFDA Awards attendants. Designer Erin Fetherston opted for an ultra refined feminine updo, accessorized with a delicate gold braided headband. Actress Rooney Mara stayed true to her style and rocked a sleek modern chignon which emphasized her gorgeous facial features.

    Kerry Washington also put emphasis on her flawless complexion by choosing a simple bun for the night. Linda Cardellini looked gorgeous with a refined voluminous updo and a classy makeup. Olivia Palermo kept things simple with a timeless updo that completed her glamorous dress perfectly. Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr also opted for a sleek updo that allowed her fabulous red lips steal the spotlight.

    Erin Fetherston Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleOlivia Palermo Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle
    Miranda Kerr Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleRooney Mara Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle

    CFDA Awards 2013 Hair Styles: Simple Hairstyles with Dramatic Parts

    Sleek straight tresses have an incredibly modern allure that never fails to turn heads which why simple hairstyles were another popular choice for the event. Designer Vera Wang stuck to her signature ultra long tresses with a deep central part and dazzled once again. Hailee Steinfeld opted for the exact same hairstyle and rocked a cute age-appropriate look. Alessandra Ambrosio walked down the red carpet sporting fab caramel highlights and a classy makeup look. Other stars who opted for modern utilitarian hairstyles were Adriana Lima, Erin Wasson and Hilary Rhoda.

    Alessandra Ambrosio Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleVera Wang Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle
    Adriana Lima Cfda Awards 2013 HairstyleHailee Steinfeld Cfda Awards 2013 Hairstyle

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    Photos: Getty Images

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  • 06/04/13--11:15: How to Tease Your Hair
  • Getting big hair with extra volume on your roots is something most women with straight or flat hair want. Teasing is the easiest way to achieve that effect for the hairstyle of your choice. Find out how to tease your hair, including the most important dos and don'ts and products that can make it much easier.

    Most importantly, never tease your hair hair when it's wet or tangled. Even using the most gentle hairstyling instruments, you risk tearing and even pulling your hair roughly.

    How to Tease Your Hair The Right Way

    After washing your hair and treating it with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, you need to blow dry it completely before starting to tease it at the roots. Blow drying your hair while keeping your head down can also help create extra volume and so does curling it gently.

    Hair Teasing Tools

    It's best to start at the root with small sections of your hair working your way towards the ends. Focus on the crown area in rows to get the best results and leave the sides for last.

    You should aim for more volume rather than less, since it's a lot easier to tone it down than to go back for more teasing. When you're done, smooth down the teased section by using your fingers to get a more natural look.

    Common Hair Teasing Mistakes

    Trying to tease too much hair at one time is the biggest mistake of beginners. If you decide to work with 1 inch wide sections, you'll get the best results, but the process can be time consuming. Working in 2 inch sections does the job faster, but the bigger the sections get, the less volume you're likely to get.

    Brushing too hard is another big mistake you should avoid when learning how to tease your hair. Getting the extra volume is rarely worth the hair damage.

    Teasing hair with too much product in it is another wrong move. You can use a little hairspray, but don't overdo or load your hair with serums before teasing.

    Spornette Big Wonder Teasing BrushOscar Blandi Pronto Dry Teasing Dust

    Best Products for Hair Teasing

    Using a regular hair brush can give you some volume, but when you go for the special tools, your chances of success increase a lot. Start out with a simple tool like the Revlon Moonlight Teasing Brush or the Spornette Big Wonder Teasing Brush if you want to get it done quickly and efficiently.

    Increase your chances for the right volume with the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Teasing Dust. It boosts roots and adds roughed-up volume if you backcomb your hair right away.

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    Some of the biggest names from the world of music, film, fashion and television attended the 10th annual GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2013 held in a specially constructed venue in Berkeley Square Gardens on Tuesday in London, England. Everyone stunned and tried not to disappoint flaunting impeccable outfits, hairstyles and makeup.

    It seems that loose tresses were really popular this year. There were many celebrities who chose to wear their hair in an effortlessly chic way. Victoria Beckham looked great as always with carefree waves pulled on one side while Kylie Minogue opted for gorgeous soft waves. Okay, so we're dying over Naomi Campbell's glossy over-the-shoulder locks that look super-sexy and elegant. While Fearne Cotton's dress drew all the attention, we couldn't take our eyes off of her beautiful blonde hair.

    Victoria Beckham Loose Wavy Hair Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013Fearne Cotton Loose Side Swept Hair From The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013

    Victoria Beckham, who won the Woman Of The Decade Award, said as she accepted the title that, “I kind of wish I'd written notes now... I'd like to start by congratulating all the women tonight, and also Harry Potter. I like to celebrate women... Girl power! What Myleene said was right, we need to support each other. Thank you Brooklyn, the best looking man in the room tonight, for being my date. Thank you David... And the other man in my life, Simon Fuller. And wow, what an amazing 10 years... Here's to the next 10 years. I was just thinking, I will be nearly 50.”

    Samantha Barks Updo Hairstyle Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013Hayden Panettiere Updo From The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013
    Rita Ora Updo Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013Jenna Louise Coleman Balllerina Bun Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013

    One of the celebrities that wowed at this year's GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2013 was Rita Ora. The songstress, who won the GLAMOUR Award for Solo Artist, looked breathtaking in a Marchesa gown, wore her hair in a chic chignon. Hayden Panettiere and Samantha Barks chose instead a rather understated updo style that looked sexy. Amanda Byram, on the other hand, went for a super-sleek version of the classic chignon that glammed-up her appearance.

    Kylie Minogue Loose And Simple Hairstyle From Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013Lisa Snowdon Glamour Ponytail Women Of The Year Awards 2013
    Jourdan Dunn Hairstyle From Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013Vv Brown 'Wednesday Addams' Inspired Pigtails Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013

    Okay, so we have to admit that Jenna-Louise Coleman's top knot was a real attention-getter! This famous 'do looks amazing and it's a great choice for any occasion. Celebrities prove this fact since even more beauties choose to wear a top knot on the red carpet in front of the paparazzi lenses. Lisa Snowdon and Jourdan Dunn went for the timeless ponytail but each came with her own interpretation of this versatile 'do that can be worn in many outstanding ways. VV Brown showed everyone that she can really make bangs and braided pigtails red-carpet-appropriate.

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    Photos: Getty Images

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    Find the best look for you based on the trending medium length haircuts in 2013. Check out the most important trends for medium length hair this year, that can help you get a hot new style.

    Medium Length Haircuts: The Bob

    One of the hottest hair trends this year is the bob, a stylish medium hair option that's getting ahead both with bangs and without. Find the best look for your face shape, either the shoulder-length bob or the choppy chin length one.

    Blunt bangs don't work for round faces with the bob, but wispy bangs ones can turn it into one of the best medium length hairstyles this year, suited for both straight and wavy hair.

    Bob Haircut With Layered BangsMedium Bob Hairstyle

    Medium Length Hairstyles: Low Ponytail

    Even if they never really went out of style, ponytails found a new interpretation for 2013. For low maintenance medium length haircuts, go slightly layered and wear your hair in low ponytail.

    The most popular look on the runway was the low ponytail with a side-part (preferably on the left), but the ultra low ponytail with a central part also attracted a lot of praise as a laid back and relaxed style.

    Shaggy Bob HairstyleMedium Shaggy Haircut

    Medium Length Haircuts: Shaggy Bed-Head

    Messy hairstyles might end up being one of the hottest hair trends this year. With an off-center parting, medium length hairstyles work best with added volume and loose curls.

    Add texture with styling wax on some sections for a fuller look or opt for the side part with a more casual and urban look. Use a volume spray mousse when the hair is still damp and blow dry it to enhance its natural texture.

    Medium Hairstyle With Half TuckMedium Layered Haircut

    Medium Length Hairstyles: Half-Tucked Hair

    Sport one of the hottest looks for medium and long hair using the half-tuck. Forget about tucking your hair completely behind the ears and leave some strands in front.

    Worn best with a center part, this look can also be enhanced with ear jewelry that goes beyond regular earrings. Go for the textured look or keep it sleek for an ethereal look that will bring your hair in line the trendiest medium length hairstyles.

    Medium Hair With BangsBob With Bangs Hairstyle

    Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

    Longer bangs are making a comeback with the new interpretations of fringes. Try a long look that sweeps the top of the eyes and keep it messy and textured.

    Don't try to keep your bangs in check, their best look this year is swept and nonchalant. Whether you try this look with a bob haircut or with a longer style, it can work just as well for medium length haircuts in 2013 and for long hair that runs under the shoulders.

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    Photos: Franck Provost

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    Try a few celebrity bangs and layers hairstyles that will quickly update your look. Learn how to style your bangs and layers from our list of layered-hair beauties. And yes, bangs and layers hairstyles are as sexy as ever!

    Jessica Biel’s Dramatic Flat Bangs and Layers Hairstyle

    Looking for a dramatic bangs and layers hairstyle – consider Jessica Biel’s look. Making your hair dramatically flat and dramatically matte is a great way to update your look to a stylish bangs and layers hairstyle. Cut your bangs very blunt and spray them with Smooth Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray by AG Hair Cosmetics for protection. Flat-iron your bangs and then spray them with Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray to counter act the shine produced by heat styling.

    Work a matte paste through your ends using the Sedu Pro Flat Iron, taking care to work a small piece at a time. To finish your look, take the time to separate the strands for a deliberate, sophisticated look.

    Jessica Biel BangsJessica Biel Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

    Janet Jackson’s Bangs and Layers Modern-Looking Bob Hairstyle

    A modern-looking bob haircut is a bob with bangs and layers that gives the look a chic twist. Keep your hair well-moisturized with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-in Moisturizer and massage your scalp gently even when you don’t wash your hair, to prepare it to become a reflection of one of the cutest celebrity bangs and layers hairstyles.

    To get this hairstyle, place small sections of your bangs into T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers. When your hair is nearly dry, remove the rollers and blow-dry on a very low heat. Flat iron your bangs and angled layered hair for the finishing touch. Mist Philip B. Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray on your bangs and layers modern-looking bob hairstyle.

    Janet Jackson Layered Bob Hairstyle With BangsJanet Jackson Layered Bob Hairstyle

    Emma Stone’s Chic Bangs and Layers Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

    Consider for this shoulder-length bangs and layers hairstyle a strong fringe. It’s chic and easily achievable if you have thick hair and a great option for celebrity hairstyles with bangs and layers. A quick flat iron with a bit of bang-friendly Got 2b Crazysleek Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion keeps them in line daily.

    RunJohn Allan's Smoothe, Conditioning Styling Cream through your hair and blow-dry halfway to cut down on frizz. Let hair air-dry the rest of the way so you get a smooth but imperfect texture. You can skip shampooing the next day and refresh your style with Philip B. White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Creme. This way your bangs and layers hairstyle will keep looking chic and crazy-sexy. You can also gather the hair back loosely and pin it at the nape of the neck for an instant fuss-free updo look that will surely get you noticed!

    Emma Stone Medium Hairstyle With Blunt BangsEmma Stone  Hairstyle With  Bangs

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    Is that Amber Rose with long hair? We almost couldn't believe our eyes, but it's true: Amber Rose ditched her signature 'do in favor of ultra long looks becoming almost unrecognizable at a superficial glance. If the star herself hadn't reveled her new hairstyle via Instagram, perhaps we would still be doubting it. Though her Tweet "I'm gonna Do Cam with my hair on tonight...This should be interesting :-)," anticipated the surprise, it's safe to say that nothing prepared fans for the dramatic makeover.

    Given the fact that she sported the shaved-head look ever since she was 19 any change would have been quite dramatic by comparison but going for extreme length definitely took it to the next level. So, when she attended Juicy J's concert at the House of Blues in L.A and showed her new look (achieved with the help of a wig, obviously) via Instagram, it definitely stirred a lot of reactions, most of them positive. Whether she decides to keep the new look or not, the style is definitely memorable. Still, though the newly long light brown locks were the first focal point, the photo unveiled by the 29 year old star also revealed a surprisingly toned physique, at less than four months after giving birth.

    Amber Rose Hair 2013

    Though it's unclear whether Amber Rose's long hairstyle will be a long lasting change, her smoking hot body most likely will. The star is already feeling confident enough to sport a curve-hugging neon green dress at such a short time after becoming a mother, so bolder looks will likely follow. Amber Rose's post baby body definitely looks amazing, yet the journey to getting back her sexy curves was certainly effort-intensive. Losing 30 pounds in such a short time interval isn't easy yet the star was determined enough to achieve it.

    Amber Rose Long Hairstyle

    The star told E! News that getting rid of baby weight is much more difficult than losing typical excess pounds, but that her trainer helps her stay motivated to work hard every single day: “It's hard to get off baby weight. It's a different kind of weight because for nine months you stretch your stomach out and then it's hard to get that back. I'm working on it. I lost like thirty-some pounds already. “I have a really good personal trainer. Her name is Jeanette Jenkins. Yeah, I work out every day,” she confessed.

    Amber Rose Long Hair 2013

    Photos: Muvarosebud Instagram

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  • 06/12/13--02:02: Top Famous Redhead Actresses
  • While blond is one of the most popular hair colors in Hollywood, red remains the color of some of the most famous, powerful, influential, talented and sexiest actresses in the world. Here are six famous redheads that conquered the movie world.

    Famous Redheads: Emma Stone

    The young redhead actress is one of Hollywood's rising stars. Emma Stone became a household name in the past few years, mostly because of her talent as an actress, but also because of her red locks that soon set trends among women around the world. Even though she now sports blonde tresses, because of her work commitments, Emma Stone remains one of the hottest redhead actresses in Hollywood.

    Famous Redheads: Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson usually wears her hair in golden or sugar-cookie blonde, but she opted for a color transformation when putting on the suit of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the motion pictures "Iron Man 2" and "The Avengers".

    Hairstylists especially adore the red hue Scarlett Johansson sported at an event she attended in May 2011, a combination of gold, strawberry, apricot, ruby and orangey copper.

    Famous Redheads   Scarlett JohanssonFamous Redhead Actresses   Scarlett Johansson

    Famous Redheads: Jessica Chastain

    Jessica Chastain is definitely one the of the most famous redhead actress of the moment. Having played important parts in films like "Zero Dark Thirty", "The Help" and "The Tree of Life", the redhead bombshell dazzles not only with her performances, but also because of her natural shiny copper red hair.

    Famous Redhead Actresses  Jessica ChastainFamous Redheads  Jessica Chastain

    Famous Redheads: Lindsay Lohan

    She may not be America's sweetheart anymore, but she still is one of the most famous redheads in Hollywood. Her natural red hair and freckles created an ingénue image for the good-girl-gone-bad Lindsay Lohan, that's now more famous for her misdeeds than for her acting career.

    Famous Redheads  Lindsay LohanFamous Redhead Actresses   Lindsay Lohan

    Famous Redheads: Amy Adams

    The actress nominated for 4 Academy Awards so far makes the list of famous redhead actresses, in spite of her not being naturally ginger. What most people don't know is that her strawberry locks are the ones that put her in the spotlight, because, at the beginning of her acting career, this famous redhead was actually... blonde!

    Famous Redhead Actresses   Amy AdamsFamous Redheads  Amy Adams

    Famous Redheads: Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore turned 52 in December 2012, but she continues to be one of the hottest and most famous redheads in Hollywood. According to experts, Julianne Moore sports a dark, rich, copper-red blonde that fits perfectly her light, freckled skin.

    Famous Redhead Actresses   Julianne MooreFamous Redheads  Julianne Moore

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    The 2013 Critics' Choice TV Awards edition held at the Beverly Hilton in LA brought some of the moment's most successful series into the spotlight and plenty of glamorous looks worth replicating.

    Stars opted for elegant looks that drew attention to their best features. Effortless chicness was the allure most of the celebs tackled, especially as far as hair styling was concerned. Even so, there were plenty of gorgeous alternatives which proved surprisingly interesting. Here are some of the best Critics' Choice TV Awards 2013 hairstyles:

    2013 Critics' Choice TV Awards Loose Wavy Hairstyles

    There were plenty of interesting takes on long wavy hairstyles at the third edition of the Critics Choice TV Awards. Diane Kruger and Emmy Rossum opted for glamorous vibes. If Diane chose gorgeous vintage waves to complete her look, Emmy turned heads with her ultra glossy wavy locks. 

    Diane Kruger Retro Wavy HairstyleEmmy Rossum Loose Wavy Hairstyle

    There were also celebs who chose the more casual side of the spectrum. Kaley Cuoco was one of them. Her faux-undercut hairstyle accentuated with beachy waves stole the spotlight as she took home the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Simple textured waves were a great choice for actress Malin Akerman who looked radiant on the red carpet.

    Kaley Cuoco Side Swept HairstyleMalin Akerman Beachy Wavy Hairstyle

    2013 Critics' Choice TV Awards Half Up/Half Down Hairstyles

    Deceivingly simple yet slightly more polished than loose wavy hair, half up/down hairstyles also proved a fairly popular choice. American actress Maria Menounos chose a fab voluminous updo that drew attention to her flawless complexion. Another stunning appearance for the night was Abigail Spencer who opted for a feminine yet playful half updo hairstyle accentuated with gorgeous textured curls for a more romantic, youthful vibe.

    Maria Menounos Bumpy Half UpdoAbigail Spencer Teased Half Updo

    2013 Critics' Choice TV Awards Hairstyles: Top Knots

    Many interesting interpretations of the topknot style were spotted on the red carpet. A classy take on the style was Judy Greer's choice for this edition of the Critics' Choice Television Awards. Aisha Tyler went for a more sophisticated approach and chose a voluminous top knot. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' topknot was a bit more casual but not less flattering.

    Judy Greer High Bun UpdoJulia Louis Dreyfus Messy Updo

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    Photos: PR Photos

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    Not having bangs is a lot easier, but they are fashionable and versatile and almost every woman gave this haircut a try this season. But once you decided to take the plunge and brush your bangs to the side, the growing out bangs process can be difficult and can make you cringe when you see some intermediary steps. However, there are hair styling options for growing out bangs, starting with a soft side bang, slowly transitioning to a center part, almost-winged look.

    Consider these hairstyle ideas for growing out bangs to make your transition both easy and stylish.

    Blending Bangs In

    The first phase of growing out your bangs is obviously to let them grow! If you can deal with being able to see through your bangs, try this simple hairstyle and wear your fringe down, blended into long layers. The finish to this growing out bangs hairstyle should only appear blunt: you texturize the ends with TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray. However, too much of it will make your layers look heavy.

    Concealed Bangs Hairstyle For Growing Out BangsBlended In Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Franck Provost

    Side Styled Ponytail

    Once your bangs have grown out, turning into a major fringe, they can be smoothly pulled to the side and hidden in a pony. To style your growing out bangs properly, your tresses should be loosely braided to help hold your bangs in place.

    Tight Front Braid

    A front braid is an ideal hairstyle for growing out bangs as it tucks-in your short hairs. Flyaway hairs are usually an issue for most women, so smooth them with Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Aerated Anti-Frizz And Shine Spray when you're done styling.

    Side Braid Hairstyle For Growing Out BangsBraided Bangs Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Colournation Art Team

    Pinned to the Side

    This is one of the easiest ways to get your hair looking chic and off your forehead. To get this hairstyle for your growing bangs, you need to simply pin them to the side with a Jane Tran Hair Accessories Pearl Bobby Pin (or a jeweled clip, such as Rhinestone Bobby Pin, if you're feeling festive) for a pretty, retro style.

    Choppy Cut

    A blunt bob or lob is a great cut for mid-length bangs. This hairstyle for growing out bangs is pushed to the side and mingled with a piecey cut.

    Braided Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Ben Cooke   Sophie GrantSlicked Back Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Nhf Inspire Art Team

    Swished Back

    With the right amount of Carol's Daughter Heat Styling Hair Spray Macadamia, you can always slick your growing bangs back into a ponytail. Secure this hairstyle for growing bangs with 4 Count Decorative Bobby Pins.

    Styled with Headband

    If your growing out bangs are too short or the hairspray doesn't do the trick, add a simple black Jane Tran Hair Accessories Crystal Bead Shimmer Headband or a Deepa Gurnani Macrame Headband for a sweet style.

    Tucked In Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Jean Claude AubryHeadbangs Hairstyle For Growing Out Bangs By Sharon Blain

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